2024 Winter Classic


Outdoor Hockey Tournament * Squirt C

Tournament Director: Laura Mays (952-210-3990)

All Games Played at Langford Park Rec Center
30 Langford Park
Saint Paul MN 55108


  1. All games will be played under USA Hockey Rules as modified by MN Hockey with additions and exceptions listed below.
  2. Properly certified team rosters must be submitted to the tournament officials at check-in or before first game. All players must be registered on the USA Hockey roster.
  3. The Top Team in the pairings for the game will be the Home Team. The Home Team will wear their light colored jersey.
  4. All players must wear approved helmets and facemasks.
  5. Squirt Game Format:
    1. Three (3) minute warm-up period
    2. Three (3) – 12-minute stop-time periods.
    3. A one (1) minute rest between periods
    4. Time Outs - Each team receives one (1) one-minute duration time out per game. For injuries as determined by referee (running time will be stopped).
    5. Running Time - If a SIX (6) goal differential exists, running time will begin.  If the differential becomes less than SIX (6) goals, stop-time will resume.
    6. Overtime - in the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, there will be a one (1) minute rest period followed a five (5) minute stop-time overtime period will be played.  In the event that the score remains tied at the end of the first five-minute stop-time overtime period, there will be a shoot-out.
    7. Shoot-Out Rules - Players will begin from the red line. Only one shot allowed – no rebounds. If player loses control of the puck it will count as a shot on goal. Goalies will remain in the net as they were at the end of the third period. The first group of five (5) players, determined by the coach at the end of overtime, will take alternate shots with the visitors shooting first. If there is a goal difference after all five (5) players from each team have taken a shot the team with the most goals will be the winner of the game. If there is still a tie the shoot-out goes to alternate shooters.  If one team scores and the other does not, the team scoring is declared winner. No skater may take a second shootout attempt until all other skaters on his/her team have attempted one.  However, in the event that team A has worked through its full roster and will repeat shooters and team B has not yet worked through its full roster, team B, at its option, may repeat shooters.  This same process will apply for third, fourth, etc. attempts.
    8. Penalty Times will be assessed as follows:
      • 1 minutes, minor penalties
      • 2 minutes, major penalties
      • 10 minutes for any misconduct
      • Game misconduct - game plus 1 additional game
  6. All teams should be prepared to take the ice fifteen (15) minutes prior to the posted start time.
  7. The ice will be shoveled (ideally tractor brushed) before every game.
  8. Only USA Hockey registered referees will be used.
  9. An emergency medical technician or trained medical attendant will be on hand.
  10. All decisions of the referees are final. Judgment calls by the referees cannot be challenged. The on-ice referees and Tournament Director have the final interpretation of any tournament rule.
  11. No goal judges.
  12. The Tournament Director has the final authority to make any changes in format or other decisions deemed necessary to keep the tournament on time.
  13. Trophies and/or medals will be awarded as follows: Eight Team brackets: 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and Consolation Champion.
  14. Any abuse will not be tolerated. Offenders will be asked to leave the building and park grounds.