Rink/Ice Schedule

The schedule below is the program-wide calendar of practice and games. Each team's schedule for players and parents is most current in the TeamSnap app. Non-game/practice events are found in the right side-bar.

Non-Ice Schedule

  • 10/15 Program Kickoff Meeting

    All program kickoff/celebration at Langford Park Rec Center 1:00pm to 3pm. Overview of the program and what makes LPH special. We'll introduce ways for parents to get involved and some of the the events and things hope to do in the year to make the program a community. We'll open the equipment room. After the kickoff all teams may host a team meeting and hand out jerseys. We can also get the floor hockey gear out and let kids play around. 

  • 9/9 Coaches and Managers Kickoff

    Tentatively scheduled - Review coaching certification and get input and questions from coaches. Typically meet for a beer at Urban Growler or Dual Citizen.